Brawl Tales

Vision & Mission

With the advent of NFTs in Blockchain converged with the gaming sector which brings the most intrinsic values to the CGC collectible games, especially incorporated with the play-to-earn mechanism.
Brawl Tales emphasizes the game craft borderless way of crafting unique NFTs, which come along with a unique infrastructure that combines DeFi, gaming, and NFTs for greater synergy in creating values.
Besides, we also carry this core value which is ‘Build to merge, connect to redefine’. By that, it means we are here to merge NFT, cryptocurrency, and gaming; connect the communities by merging them as one.
  • Create a fully decentralized game that is owned and governed by our players.
  • Bring competitive depth along with appealing gameplay and characters to the GameFi space.
  • Allow players to gain full ownership of their gameplay assets and characters.
  • Strive to build a long-term sustainable economy for the player base.
  • Empower NFT Asset Owner to create and customize their own gameplay.
  • Build a vibrant and passionate community within Brawl Tales.
  • Connects NFT, GameFi and cryptocurrency communities as one.
Road Map