Brawl Tales


The Meta-Earth bestows with the bottomless of Catalyst. The Catalyst is an energy source that greatly influenced the nature of the Meta-Universe. Brawler discovered Catalyst and learned to convert it to usable energy. This could be used to create advanced technology, including laser weapons, and believe that it has the ability in restoring youth.
The knowledge of Catalyst provides beneficial properties to living things was widely known in the Meta- Universe. That includes curing illnesses, granting vitality, etc. Unfortunately, an almost Meta-Universe spanning war for this resource resulted and caused lots of death and destruction. With this conflict, Meta-Earth created a new and purer creature to defend its resources. However, the ambition of Brawlers is too strong which caused them to find ways to acquire Catalyst while competing with each other. Now that the new creature has to fight against the Brawlers, will the Meta-Earth be peaceful again?
To uncover this eternal mystery, the brutal and earth-shattering battles between the Brawlers and creatures take place continuously to get the Catalyst for their own advantage. But no one admits to being the loser. After each battle, the winner hurries up to upgrade his ability, the loser finds a new strategy to prepare for the upcoming battles. After all, the most precious and sacred energy source is only for those who deserve it!