Brawl Tales


Blueprint NFT
Brawler's base camp can be upgraded with Blueprint.
What is the purpose of crafting a blueprint in Brawl Tales? Each Blueprint contains random abilities that enhance player base attributes. Blueprint is an important part of the in-game aspect, as it helps players to strengthen up to compete at their best form.

Recipe & Resources

Recipe (Rare)
A unique recipe instructs you to craft an enhancement Blueprint with the required resources. Most of them can be either obtained by winning the matches or received from special events.
Recipe type & rarity are limited supply.
Resources can be found in gameplay or event, and it is essential in Brawl Tales. Resources like wood, rock, and others are required in the construction of Blueprint.
Recipes & resources are not only required for crafting a blueprint to upgrade your base camp, but it is also one of the most limited items for future upgrading purposes.


Resources and recipes that were found or farmed by Brawlers can be transformed into NFT-Blueprint, this action requires BRS Token or CTL Token to enable the Crafting process.