Brawl Tales

Basic Details

Brawl Tales will be a F2P (Free to Play) PvEvP (PEP) mobile game. Players will be battling to claim rewards in the form of cryptocurrency by outplaying, outwitting, and outlasting their opponents. Our team’s promise is to deliver a simple and enjoyable game with a surprising amount of competitive depth. This will be combined with a sustainable P2E economy incorporating new and ground-breaking ecosystem models which will revolutionize the next generation of gaming.


Brawl Tales comes with various types and numbers of Brawlers. Each of them has a unique and special signature ability. Furthermore, each hero has unique stats according to the NFT of that player. Thus, choosing a suitable brawler for each situation helps players increase the win rate in the Dungeon of Tales.
There are various types of Brawler:
  • Gameboi
  • Emily
  • Squarru
  • Death
  • Cybot
  • Death
  • Karguk
  • Penginz
  • Alien

Brawler Level

There are two different kinds of Level attributes in Brawl Tales which are Brawler Level and Brawler Mastery.
In order to increase Brawler Level, players need to accumulate enough Brawler Master for it to level up. When level up, they will unlock new talent into the Brawler.