Brawl Tales


Brawltales economy is composed of the NFT Marketplace, DeFi and In-Game Economy that help sustain the development of the game. NFT Marketplace provides a platform for users to trade their NFT skins to obtain different rarity levels of NFT skins. Users can also stake other tokens to obtain $BRS tokens on the platform through pairing.
NFT MARKETPLACE: Where users can trade, buy and sell their NFT.
DEFI/STAKING: Where users can stake tokens to earn more $BRS tokens. As we grow our network of partnerships, Liquidity Pool and several other tokens may become available for staking on the Pancakeswap platform.
EVENTS: Players will have several ongoing opportunities to earn rare NFT and extra $BRS tokens. These events include but are not limited to, Raffle Events, In-Game Exclusive Events, and eSports Tournaments.
TREASURY POOL: Profits & revenues across the platform will be kept in the Platform's Treasury for the purpose of recycling and reducing the circulating supply of $BRS Tokens. 30% goes to the team which has contributed to the cost of long-term game development. As a result, this will reduce the total supply of the token.