Brawl Tales

Brawl Team

One of the most brawl-working teams on the planet. While knowledge, skills, and education play a role in each discipline, however cultural fit is an even bigger part of the equation.
A good project always comes from an amazing core team which is with enthusiastic members. Surely, that alone is not enough, knowledge and skills of the team in each aspect of the project will be factor in too.
“Creative. Engaging. Entertaining”, are the key factors that keep the gaming business thriving and driving the team members and clients to success. As a game development studio, our team houses more than 30 passionate and qualified artisans, blockchain experts, and marketers from diverse backgrounds and skills, who aspire to infuse enjoyable and gratifying experiences in clients’ interactive projects catering to various industries.
At Brawl Team we are all about making unforgettable experiences and we want to attract contributors, communicators, and creative problem solvers. Unlike traditional game development or outsourcing, we always strive to provide extraordinary services to our customers by investing our profits into the design talent in our team.
Whether it is by educating our employees with our own in-house academy or by simply providing an incredible working environment to empower talents in emerging markets. We are leaders in redefining the traditional approach of work.