Brawl Tales

Brawl Tales

Brawl Tales is a roguelike game based on Blockchain technology. You can battle with your friends or strangers and earn token rewards with your skillsets. Brawl Tales' gameplay is designed to revolve around the combination of your personal skills and decision. Challenge yourself with various game modes: PEP, following with monthly updates, and attractive rewards.
You are promised a gaming experience that has never been introduced before, also guaranteed to lose to your opponents the second you are distracted during your battles. Gear up your heroes with a large selection of upgrades. Be well prepared because the most aggressive battle awaits you right from the moment you enter the dangerous dungeon.

Brawl Tales' Smart Contract

Contract address - 0x8a6335bFe9ff414FbdDc9D72FC354ABfAEC5fF33
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